Saturday, April 25, 2009

Valley Farmland: Overgrown apple trees, stone wall, overgrown pastures have become forests. Barn owl...

Forest: Abandoned road,maybe a ruined dam, Whitetail Deer, Cooper's Hawk, Blackburnian Warbler

High Meadow: To remain open, these meadows can be used for pasture. Fencing can be solar- powered electric. Least Bittern in wetlands.

These three paintings are the beginnings of a triptych on the subject of the "Working Landscape". In these three kinds of New England landscape I find a distinctive beauty that I associate with Vermont : "High meadow", "Forest", and "Valley farmland". The views will be framed by native birds, other animals and plants, some endangered. I hope to hear from viewers, suggesting what species should be shown and what land use practices are appropriate for these places. I will be adding and updating images of these paintings as they develop.

Soon to come: "Village Center".

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