Thursday, December 11, 2008


The subject that I've chosen to focus on is "the working
landscape". The history of the landscape shapes the way that it looks now, so I've been thinking about the way that it got to be the way it is today and how its changed even in my lifetime. I've been looking at old photographs, and I read the excellent history of Vermont by Dr. Jan Albers on the Vermont Land Trust. Also, the speech by Darby Bradley has been helpful in defining the challenges that Vermont faces.
I am organizing my reference images into groups:

1. I've looked at many images of farming from the past.

2. I've also been thinking about the ways that imagery can be used to draw attention to conditions or to celebrate beauty. I've looked at paintings of rural life by Corot, Millet and Gainsborough (of course there are many other examples).

"Twilight" by Camille Corot

3. I'm also assembling images of plants and animals native to or invasive to this state. I have visited the
Montshire Museum in Norwich and VINS in Woodstock .

Future postings will relate to these catagories and maybe some new ones.

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